Wellness Coaching

Kathryn Conley, Ph.D. in New York

Approach to Wellness Coaching

Although I am a clinical psychologist, I recognize that traditional therapy is not always the preferred modality for receiving help. You might be looking for an alternative way to work through specific challenges. Enter coaching. Coaching is a short-term, solution-focused pathway to achieving your goals. Coaching sessions create space to collaboratively work through presenting issues – understand challenges, identify new skills to be learned, set goals, and create plans.

Areas of Focus

My coaching focuses on the health and wellness side of a client’s life. My expertise as a psychologist allows me to effectively support clients in their efforts to create and maintain healthy behaviors.  If desired, I can connect clients with a network of other helping professionals including physical trainer, nutritionist, yoga instructor, acupuncturist, and massage therapist.

Specific areas of focus include:

Behavior change and motivation management

  • Identifying and clarifying health/wellness goals
  • Creating and maintaining healthy habits and behaviors
  • Finding and sustaining motivation to change
  • Examples of behavior change goals include smoking cessation, creating and maintaining healthy habits (exercise, nutrition), moderating technology use, improve time management, improve self-care and stress management 

Stress and Coping 101

  • Understanding stress and effective coping
  • Prioritizing self-care and staying grounded in the midst of life’s stressors
  • Improving life balance
  • Specific stress management strategies

Life Check-Up

  • Create space to reflect and check-in on the various domains of your life – health (emotional/physical), relationships (social, family, substances, food), work, spirituality, fun/play.
  • Consider and clarify your values – do they align with your choices?
  • Set goals and identify path towards desired change


Individual Wellness Coaching Services

Individual wellness coaching sessions are 30-60 minutes. They can occur in person, by telephone, or secure video for flexibility.  Sessions can be scheduled as frequently as desired or helpful.


Individual Therapy

Consider creating some space for you. If you want support, are interested in change, or simply want a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships individual therapy might be a good choice for you.

Wellness Coaching

Change is hard. Together we will clarify your values, identify wellness goals, create a plan and then work towards desired change.


Telehealth can be an effective solution to some of the time barriers that keep people from seeking the help and support they need or want.  From the comfort of your home, office or other private space we can connect by secure video sessions.


I offer short-term and time-limited consultation sessions to talk through specific problems or concerns and offer recommendations and/or strategies towards resolution..

My Expertise

Relationship and family concerns

Coping with acute and/or chronic stressors

Work-life balance and work-related conflicts

Grief and loss

Self-esteem and identity concerns

Anxiety and worry



Life transitions and change

Transitioning to college

Social anxiety

Substance use – abstinence or moderation goals

Supporting loved ones with substance use problems

Behavior change

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